06 January, 2010

PERODUA KENARI - How to save fuel


While many people were complaining about the recent price hike on our fuel, I see many people complain about it. Why complain when you can figure out a way to do something about it? I believe that the government should set up some community message on how to save fuel. Since they’re not doing it anytime soon, I have some few tips that might actually help you safe your own fuel just by the way you drive and handle your car.

1. Driver slower. If your RPM is hitting all time 4k RPM, try lower it down and it should save you some fuel. If your car does not have an RPM meter, go change your car. That means the car manufacturer is cheating you out of your money for not putting a simple RPM to gauge your engine performance.

2. Do not break harshly. A lot of idiots kept on hard breaking which resulted in rapid deacceleration. You need more fuel to catch up once the front car picked up their speed. Break gradually and try to let your car ‘glide’. Well, imagine driving behind these kinds of idiot and you’ll know what I mean. The parliament should have passed a law to blow these types of driver off the road. Believe me, if this law is passed, you’ll save the planet and make the roads smoother than ever before. It’ll be so great that you probably won’t need a North Carolina health insurance.

3. Use judgment to watch the front car of the car in front of you. Do not concentrate the car in front of you. Always try anticipating what the front front guy is going to do and do something first like cutting out of lane or slow break ahead of time. This is shitty especially when idiots decided to take stuff their van or there’s a fucking big lorry in front of you, cutting you off from seeing the front of their road. This is why I absolutely hate lorries. They will reduce our driving effectiveness just because they are too fucking big which blocks the road in front of them.

4. Switching the air conditioning on will actually tax your engine which in turn will gulp down more fuel. If the weather permits it, switch off your air conditioner. This is true especially if you’re driving to your office way in the morning and it is better to have the morning fresh air. The same goes too if the day is cloudy and your car is not too hot, you can always switch off the air con because it wouldn’t be too hot. One tip is to switch off air con and engage in the free air flow coming out from the outside. Most cars have this feature. Look for a knob or switch to switch from air con to outside air.

5. Use a fuel efficient car. While I saw that Honda City and Hyundai Accent/Elantra are making headways, I can see that Perodua Kenari and Viva does give the best bang for bucks. Do not trust any of the VVTI they advertise, they only increase the fuel efficiency to a certain margin. One rule of thumb is not to over burden your car. Do not put junk inside your car. Carry only what you need to keep your car light.

With point 1 as stated above, I can hit 650km on the Honda City iDSI with minimal air con turned on + running within 2k RPM limit. During the course I tested various fuels, and seem to find Shell fuel gave more mileage than other petrols. I am not advertising this and was just telling this from pure experience. Some of my friends seem to have better luck with other brand such as Petronas or Caltex. The ultimate choice is still yours, so do experiment around to give you the best choice.

p/s: I’m forced to change the title because some of my mates couldn’t handle the fact that I’m jesting the title a bit. ‘How to Safe Fuel’ is currently no more. You hear that people? No MORE!

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